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Eyelash extensions

This is the first and best known method of eyelash extensions.


About Eyelash extensions

Individual synthetic or silk eyelash extensions are directly applied to your own natural eyelashes. For extension use appropriate, black glue, which further boosts black lashes. False eyelashes are properly chosen - in terms of length, profile and thickness - depending on what eyelashes natural and what effect we want to achieve. If you have never had eyelash extensions done before then a patch test will be required at least 24 hours before the treatment

- convenience
- saves time during the morning makeup
- stylized eye
- intense effect, better than mascara

- allergic eye
- allergies to any of the ingredients of glue or on the material from which is made of an eyelash - complete lack of eyelashes
- trichotillomania
- compulsive plucking eyelashes
- dry eye
- chemotherapy
- contact lenses are not a contraindication to the application of eyelashes, but they should be removed before treatment

To enjoy the lashes for a long time should not:
- use mascara
- excessively wet, touch or pull
- what is important should also avoid fatty substances in the area of the eye (milk make-up remover should be discontinued, it is recommended to use micellar water)
- up to two days after treatment, avoid too hot shower and visits sauna and swimming pool (eyelashes should not be exposed to humid, hot air)
- remember that the eyelashes like every hair on our body falls and the cycle of lashes is about 90 days - so do not worry if you see eyelash eg. on pillow - which is normal in this place which we fared already growing again

It is recommended to do in fills every 3 weeks to enjoy invariable effect.

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