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LVL – Lash Volume Lift

It's a non - invasive treatment consists of modelling the structure of the lashes using a special preparation.


About LVL

Cysteine compounds are responsible for the natural shape of eyelashes, we can however not permanently effect.. Using specialized products eyelashes get disciplined, raised up from the same base, and therefore also optically elongated. The final step is to use the volumizing lift balm, which is possible to maintain the effect for about 4 - 6 weeks. It stimulates natural eyelash reconstruction, but in a new, rounded shape. Then, thanks by moisturizing the eyelashes are smooth, shiny and healthy. The whole process is completely safe, both for the eyelashes and eyes. The most expressive effect is achieved in the case of long eyelashes, straight or directed downwards and undisciplined, that is, when lashes grow in different directions, but also successfully applied in short lashes and giving them a flirtatious, girlish charm.

- curl and lift lashes from the same root
- making the eyes appear larger, more defined
- eyelashes look longer and more expressive

- total lack of lashes or excessive hair loss
- conjunctivitis
- allergic eye
- eye infections
- dry eye syndrome
- frequent use of eye drops
- trichotillomania - a nervous plucking eyelashes
- diabetic retinopathy - glaucoma, cataracts
- contact lenses are not a contraindication to eyelash application, but must be removed prior to the treatment

Is it possible to combine LVL with eyelash extensions?
Absolutely! You must first perform the procedure LVL and then extend the lashes. This is the ideal way to raise directed downwards, straight eyelashes. Application 1: 1 made the downwardly lashes could make tempers are even more and thus completely overwhelm the eye. The treatment LVL make great they raise before being extended. Wait 48 hours after LVL prior to application of the eyelashes using 1:1.

How to take care of lashes after LVL?
In the 24 hours after the procedure must first be noted that: -not rub your eyes and do not soak your lashes - do not apply the cream in the eye area - do not apply mascara - do not use the sauna, or any facial treatments - steam - do not use the pool

It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 4-6 weeks.

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