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Gel nails

It's a simple way to enjoy a healthy and beautiful nails.


About Gel nails

Gel nail requires applying layers of gel, which is shaped and later is cured in a UV lamp. You can also perform an extension of the nail, if the nail permits. This method gives a very nice natural look hands, nails are strong, beautiful shine and are resistant to damage even in the toughest conditions. Gel manicure is lasting for approx. 3 -4 weeks, then perform in fills.

- beautiful, well-groomed hands
- strengthening shallow nail
- without chipping
- lasting manicure
- beautiful decorations
- extension of the nail

- purulent, inflammatory, allergic
- infections
- delamination, keratosis
- psoriasis
- too short shallow is not suitable for extension
- antibiotic therapy or hormone - in this case, the gel will go away as the body is weakened and rejects foreign bodies, which is a gel

It is advisable to do in fills gel every 2-3 weeks.

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