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We love beauty!

Medika brand is a professional appliances dedicated cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Production of Polish high-quality devices caused our dynamic development. High-quality components,which we use in our production are the most important aspect. Corian® and unique design are our hallmarks.

We know all about beauty!

For several years, we supply to the market the highest aesthetic quality equipment. Professionals who depend on the effectiveness of the treatments, the latest technology and modern design trust us. We operate not only in Poland but also beyond the borders of our country. Join the satisfied users of devices by Medika!

Available devices


The Carboxytherapy device was mainly designed for women because within a few treatments can deal with cellulite, fat and stretch marks. Medika device was designed and produced in Poland, with highest quality Polish and Japanese components, which guarantees the reliable quality of the device.

Multifunctional Devices

Small 8in1 and Big 9in1 are multifunctional devices, where you have possibility to adjust modules to your needs. You get the comfort of any configuration of up to 10 modules in one functional unit.

Plasma ARC

Plasma ARC quickly copes with drooping eyelid, with shallow and deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. This equipment will improve the shape of the face,eliminate the scars and stretch marks, eliminate fibroid tumors, warts and other skin changes.


ThermCell ia a device which cope well with the so-called "spider veins", irrespective of the place of occurrence. Precise treatment handle closes the blood vessels under the use of high frequency current 32 MHz - thermolysis mode. In the device has been used an innovative combination of three methods of treatment: thermolysis, electrolysis, blend.

Diode Laser 808

Diode Laser Medika is a device which without any problems, painlessly and effectively cope with the unwanted hairs. The large advantage of the laser is maintenance-free cooling system. It is also extremely simple interface which will guide you through the gender and clinet's body parts, then will set the preferential treatment program.

Plasma Jet

For a long time plasma has been used for medical equipment sterilization, packaging in the food industry and implants. Partially it is caused by the high bactricidial effectiveness and an easy acces to narrow, limited, hard to reach places. In the recent years, new plasma technology with application temperature below 40°C - cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) has been developed - what allowed to expand plasma usage on living tissues.

Laser VLight

Semiconductor laser is a technical achievement of the past few years. Laser VLight which remove blood vessels uses laser beam 810 nm, which is considered the most effective and safest value. The advantage of this laser is the ability to change the size of the treatment head without unscrewing the handle. You can change treatment area easily and conveniently by adjusting the knob to preferred size.

Lipolaser Duo

The innovative combination of laser wavelength of 650 nm with an infrared length of 940 nm create natural channels biostimulation. Under the influence of the laser radiation, it comes to chemical reaction that causes the dissolution of the triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are transferred to the lymphatic system and then metabolized (removed naturally from the body).

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