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Cavitation Peeling

This is type of pain-free and deep cleansing of the skin (alternative to manual cleaning) using ultrasonic high frequency vibrations.


About Cavitation Peeling

Ultrasonic waves after referring to wet skin has the effect of cavitations. Water sprayed on the skin produces microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas, which under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations suddenly burst. As a result the breakdown occurs dead cells and expose young skin layer free of excess bacteria tallow or toxic substances.

Treatment for all skin types, even sensitive skin or skin capillaries.

- painless, pleasant
- regenerates skin
- removes sebum and dead skin cells and blackheads,
- unblocks pores
- improves microcirculation
- eliminates discoloration
- works anti-wrinkle
- prepares the skin for the introduction of various active ingredients

- enlarged pores, blackheads, acne
- tired skin sun
- acne scars
- discoloration
- wrinkles
- gray skin color

- pregnancy
- failure circulatory
- osteoporosis
- cancer
- epilepsy
- the presence of foreign bodies, metal (pacemaker, braces)

Recommended in a series from 3 to 10 treatments at intervals of every 7-14 days or as a single treatment.

  • Series of 3 treatments - 5% discount
  • Series of 6 treatments - 7.5% discount
  • Series of 10 treatments – 10% discount

The treatment includes make-up removal, cavitation peeling, mask and cream at the end.

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