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Oxybrasion is a new offer on the cosmetic market. According to many experts in the field of cosmetology, treatment is much more effective than the traditional.


About Oxybrasion

Oxybrasion does not cause any side effects. The treatment consists of intense exfoliation of dead skin cells with the simultaneous application of oxygen and flow of saline. Oxygen is intended to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen fibers and capillaries and by disinfection inhibit the development of acne. The skin is bombarded with fragmented compressed oxygen drops of saline, which is dispersed on the surface of the skin and causes friction, but does not irritate her, because it is also recommended for people with skin redness and particularly sensitive. Very effectively it relieves inflammation, moisturizes and softens the skin. Oxybrasion very well also in the regeneration of hair follicles in the treatment of hair loss and gradually reduces the visibility of scars.

- improving the color and skin tone
- oxygenation of the skin,
- improving the oval face
- narrowing the pores
- reduce the amount of blackheads
- shortness of superficial wrinkles
- lighten discolorations
- overcoming age spots
- reducing seborrhea
- stimulation of hair follicles
- shallowing and relaxation scars

- peeling face and body
- scars
- blackheads and milia
- expanded pores
- seborrhea or dry skin
- scars and keloids
- staining and discoloration
- skin damage caused by sun
- spots
- stretch marks
- loose skin
- fine wrinkles
- rough skin
- atopic dermatitis skin
- psoriasis

- herpes
- sinusitis, colds
- bacterial infection
- fungal infection
- erosions
- skin cancer and signs of different kinds
- therapy anti-acne -> 3 months break
- surgery done in the face -> two months break

  • Series of 3 treatments - 5% discount
  • Series of 6 treatments - 7.5% discount
  • Series of 10 treatments – 10% discount

The treatment includes make-up removal, oxybrasion, mask and cream at the end.

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